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A Wonderful Trip to Indore to Attend a Board Meeting

I had a board meeting in Indore and as I had to travel quickly to the city so opted for a train journey. The best train to reach Indore was the Intercity Express which operates daily between Jodhpur and Indore.

Enjoy your stay at Alagao Resort

Goa is one of the favorite holiday destinations of millions of people and when the people visit this place, they want to stay in a very good resort so that they can have an awesome time in Goa.

Visit to the Pious Land Of Haridwar

I often travel across the country for my assignments. This gives me an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of India and also explore the religion, culture and history of various places that I visit. Recently I went to the holy land of Haridwar for a photography assignment.

Enjoy a Fine Time in Chanakyapuri by Staying In Elegant Hotels in Chanakyapuri

Chanakyapuri is named after the famous prime minister of Chandragupta Maurya, - Chanakaya. Today this place is largely known as a diplomatic enclave which houses much of the foreign embassies of the capital city of India i.e. Delhi. Not only do foreign dignitaries live here, it is also home to government servants and politicians.

All The Way To Jakarta On The Singapore Airlines

Jakarta is one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit and one of the most peaceful places as well. I have come to this place a couple of times before and I love it so much that every time I leave from here I promise myself to come back here for a vacation again.

My Vacation To Paris Was The Most Memorable Trip Of My Life

Maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional life these days has become really difficult. With everyone busy with excelling in their professional life no one has time to spend with loved ones.